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If you are not interested in the whole diesel exhaust system we have mufflers for diesel trucks from Magnaflow, Flo-Pro and Flowmaster. Magnaflow mufflers come with Magnaflow's wide open, straight-through design, for maximum air flow. And Flowmaster mufflers come with Flowmaster's patented Delta Flow Technology. Flo-Pro uses it louvered design to give their mufflers a distinct sound. Magnaflow and Flowmaster mufflers all come in stainless steel or aluminized applications and are all designed to give your diesel extra performance, they are the same mufflers that are included in all there diesel exhaust systems.

Magnaflow Performance mufflers are made of 16 gauge aluminized or stainless steel, the end caps and one piece core deliver long life protection. The body is filled with high temperature acoustical suppression material for maximum sound absorption and a stainless steel mesh provides durability under high temperature, with additional sound absorption and no blow-out. Magnaflow's mufflers have all welded, lap jointed contacts that avoid distortion and cracking at the joints. The straight through one piece core is a large diameter, perforated stainless steel core that eliminates flow restrictions of louvered styled cores and gives a smooth unrestricted flow with no backpressure.

Flowmaster uses Delta Flow technology for there mufflers. Delta Flow Technology provides advanced noise cancellation by separating and recombining pulses at precise phase shifts, but still allows exhaust gases to flow smoothly through the muffler giving you more horsepower and torque.

Flo-Pro diesel mufflers are made of high quality aluminized steel in 8' Round or 4 3/4 x 10 3/4 Oval and come in a variety of inlet and outlet sizes for your application.

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