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MagnaFlow diesel mufflers are the straight wide open  performance muffler with smooth deep tones.   First and foremost the MagnaFlow Performance diesel muffler was developed to be a superior product line of performance mufflers.  Wide open performance MagnaFlow diesel mufflers outflow OEM chamber style mufflers by as much as 16%.  This reduces engine heat and backpressure and improves exhaust scavenging from the combustion chamber.  MagnaFlow diesel muffler minimizes the power robbing effects of the OEM system to restore torque and horsepower to the engine.  From aluminized  steel, to polished stainless steel, there probably are MagnaFlow diesel mufflers or MagnaFlow diesel cat-back systems to suit your desire.

The cornerstone of any well engineered diesel performance upgrade plan is a dyno-proven Magnaflow Performance diesel cat-back exhaust system. Offered in 'turbo-back' or 'downpipe-back' applications, all of Magnaflow's diesel exhaust systems are proven to make significant gains in power. All MagnaFlow dieselcat-back systems feature fast-flowing mandrel-bent stainless steel tubing, a straight-through MagnaFlow Performance Muffler and a polished stainless steel Magnaflow tip. Magnflow diesel cat-back systems are designed to increase horsepower, torque and gas mileage, they also bolt directly onto your vehicle.

You can choose between Magnaflow Performance Diesel Exhaust Systems or Magnaflow XL Diesel Exhaust Systems. Magnaflow Performance Diesel Exhaust Systems and XL Diesel Exhaust Systems both include all the necessary hangers, straight-through muffler and mandrel bent tubing, only XL Diesel Exhaust Systems don't come with a exhaust tip and only have a 6-year warranty instead of the lifetime warranty with the Magnaflow Performance Diesel Exhaust Systems.

To upgrade to the next level of power and performance, Magnaflow now offers diesel tuners and K & N air intakes to compliment their exhaust systems. The increased airflow provided is an ideal complement to Magnaflow's Performance exhaust system and increases power and performance without sacrificing reliablility or fuel mileage.

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