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The "Flowmaster Sound" is the true tone of American muscle and performance.  Available in a wide range of diesel applications.  Flowmaster mufflers produce more power than original equipment (OE) and competitive aftermarket products.

It is through our dedication to research and testing that our products have become the undisputed leader of the exhaust performance market. With our two high-tech factories now building an enormous variety of race and road proven products using our own custom built production machinery, we can create the kinds of highly innovative products you want.

Our robotic assembly builds mufflers that are .004" within tolerance of design parameters, far tighter than any OEM or competitor in the marketplace.

Our dyno facility is the only one of its kind owned and operated by an exhaust company. We are delighted by the thousands of winners in so many classes of motorsport using our product. We are equally delighted to report that the same can be said for our street driven products, with the masses of mail we receive from our highly satisfied customers.

What makes Flowmaster mufflers so unique is that its performance improvement is paired up with their unique exhaust tones.  The Flowmaster mufflers sound is offered in many different tones depending upon the muffler series.    Flowmaster mufflers are also now available in the 409 stainless steel

No matter what vehicle you drive -- Flowmaster mufflers has a system specifically for it with the tone you desire.

Flowmaster Mufflers\' exhaust systems will improve acceleration and passing power, as well as help improve fuel mileage. Every system is individually engineered and dyno-tested for each application and includes all required mounting hardware.

All tubing is mandrel bent for superior exhaust gas flow, and is a key to the exhaust system\'s performance improvements.

Both Flowmaster mufflers and tubing are fabricated from aluminized steel for corrosion resistance.

Flowmaster Mufflers\' exhaust systems are designed with the latest technology to provide even better performance than a single Flowmaster mufflers installation.

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