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We carry diesel exhaust systems from Magnaflow Performance, Flowmaster Mufflers and Flo-Pro. All exhaust systems, are made from quality materials and are designed to increase your diesel trucks performance.

Magnaflow exhaust systems are all stainless steel and mandrel-bent, with their polished stainless steel, straight-through muffler design and embossed stainless steel tips. You can choose from Magnaflow's Performance Diesel Exhaust Systems or XL Diesel Exhaust Systems. Magnaflow XL diesel exhaust systems and Performance exhaust systems are designed the same except the XL systems only have a six year warranty compared to the lifetime warranty with the Performance systems and XL systems do not come with a tip. They also have many dual exit exhaust applications. To get the most out of your diesel engine combine Magnaflow's exhaust system with a K & N air intake and a tuner.

Flowmaster diesel exhaust systems feature Flowmaster's patented Delta Flow Technology, and are all mandrel-bend, with a polished stainless steel embossed tip, also many applications come in single side exit or dual rear exits, depending on your taste.

Flo-Pro diesel exhaust systems are made of high quality aluminized steel and feature mandrel bends and all the necessary hardware (except some crew cab long box models require an extension pipe) for an easy bolt on installation. Flo-Pro exhaust systems do not include tips.

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